Pet Paradise Services

Dog and Cat Grooming:
Pet Paradise strives to be the best in the area for dog and cat grooming. We were voted one of the best in the Best of Winners for 2009 and we are so proud! Our groomers take their time to do the best job and ensure the safety and well being of the animal. All of our groomers are pet CPR certified and professionally trained. We offer low shed treatments, hot oil treatments and specialty cuts for your pooch. Our basic package for dogs and cat is a bath (with a specialty shampoo depending on skin and hair type), conditioner, anal glands checked and expressed, nails clipped and dremeled (or just dremeled if the dog or cat does better with that), and the ears cleaned. If it a breed that has a specialty cut, we do that as well to your specifications. We do modified and standard trims for the breed as well as shave downs. We also take dogs and cats by appointment times so your pet doesn’t have to be in a crate all day waiting for their day of beauty. We call you when your pet is done so they can be home with their family right away. Prices vary on breeds and trim types. Call today and see how beautiful we can make your pet! (757) 238-8838

Chris Stakes Animal Communicator:
Chris uses telepathic communication with your pet to ask questions and also does an energy feel of the animal’s body to see how they see, hear, how their organs feel , allergies, etc. Many veterinarians recommend Chris to their clients for behavior and health issues to have insight on what is going on with them. Chris usually does half an hour with one or two pets and one hour for three to four. Prices are per animal and time needed. Chris likes the owner to have a list of questions ready so they get the most out of their experience with their communication session. Chris has different days and times available each, so please call for an appointment: (757) 238-8838. Or email her for a phone session or call her at (757) 438-2063 to schedule a horse or large animal visit.

Animal Chiropractics by Dr Paul Rowan:
Dr Rowan is a wonderful asset to the community with his work with animals. Most of our staff here has benefited from his chiropractic and homeopathic expertise for our pets.
Animal chiropractics is the science, art, and philosophy which enables the pets body to optimize its innate ability to heal itself by optimizing nerve flow through gentle adjustment of the spinal column. Dr Rowan also practices classic homeopathy using minute amounts of substances potentiated through dilution and succession to stimulate gentle and rapid healing without the use of more potentially toxic drugs.
Chiropractics and homeopathy help many animals with arthritis, misalignments, injuries and soreness.
Dr Rowan is here on Wednesdays and makes his own appointments. His phone number is 757-417-7730. You will be pleased to see how well your pet does after an adjustment. Many people call him the miracle worker and Pet Paradise employees have seen firsthand how it helps their pet’s quality of life. If you would like to read more about Dr Rowan, please go to his website:

Amy Hines Pet Massage Therapist:
Amy practices massage therapy here at Pet Paradise and we are hearing wonderful things about her abilities to help animals! Many clients dogs who have been prone to sore muscles, soft tissue injuries and lameness have benefited from massage therapy. Massage therapy is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue through stroking, rubbing, kneading and tapping. This results in better circulation, improved muscle tone, increased range of motion and relaxation. This also works well in conjunction with animal chiropractics and has shown to help the pet to loosen up and relax before the chiropractic adjustment for a better adjustment for the animal. Amy is a true animal lover and animals love her back. We make her appointments as well as her making her own, so you can call us or her at 757-438-8936. Her prices range for the time of the massage. Think of how wonderfully you feel after a massage and give that gift to your pet!
If you would like to have more information about Amy and what she does, please go to her websited: